While we will delve very heavily into specific tools, especially those that we tune specifically for legal use, or use as development platforms, these pages provide links to open source projects that may be of interest to lawyers, law firms and departments and other knowledge workers.

Desktop Tools

These applications provide much (if not all) of the functionality of well known, proprietary and often expensive desktop software.  Most are available for Linux, Mac and Windows OS. LibreOffice & Apache Open Office These fully featured office suites have a high level of compatibility with their well known commercial counterparts and are constantly improving. Inkscape Inkscape is …

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Server Tools

We only include server based tools here that we have tried with good results for legal applications.  Many of the systems listed here are available under multiple licenses, including open source editions and various enterprise and/or cloud editions.  We don’t include tools here that have materially hamstrung their open source version. A great way to …

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Specs and Designs

Writing code and tuning other great open source projects for legal use takes a lot of time.  The subpages listed here include projects that are in-process, ranging from just ideas to specifications to the beginning of code.  Where relevant, there are links to files.

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