Jan 29

Bitnami Stacks and Alfresco

Bitnami is a packager of Open Source VMs and Application Stacks.  I’ve had a lot of luck with their setups in the past and decided, now that KnowledgeTree is effectively dead as an open source project to look in on Alfresco, so I pulled the Bitnami VM and had it up and running in VirtualBox within a few minutes.

Alfresco seems to have made leaps and bounds since I last looked at the project.  Of key interest for further exploration is their virtual IMAP implementation and their now inbuilt workflow engine.  The IMAP feature might be a universal solution for the sticky point of filing emails (from almost any client) which is essential for a case file system because so much substantive work gets done on a matter via email.  The workflow engine might well address legal hold system needs.

I’m still seeing a good deal of up-front complexity with Alfresco – likely because it does so many things and seems quite flexible, but I will continue working on basic feature setups and testing with the potential goal being a simply skinned system tailored for legal use.

More to come…