Dec 25

Exciting Alfresco Developments in 5.1 Community

All of the skinny is here, but here are two things that jumped out at me.

A new Alfresco Share based user interface to allow business analysts to define and deploy content models for use by Alfresco Share end users. No need to write or even see XML files. Models can be deployed automatically without a server restart.
  • Virtual Folders
Define a query for a folder which will dynamically display the relevant content. More information is in the official documentation
Both of these look very interesting.  I’m resisting the urge to dive into any of the early releases.

It’s impressive that Alfresco keeps the documentation at or nearly at the level of actual development.  Such a stark contrast with a project like Odoo, which couldn’t be bothered with useable documentation when they were fully FOSS (AGPL), nor after changing to open-core.  Not even for their new, non-community, for-pay version 9 features.  I’m a little boggled that they seem to be waiting for the community to generate user facing documentation for these features… along with everything else user-facing.


Behold the state of the user documentation for their subscription only task forecasting feature, more than two months after release.
Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.40.56