Jun 14

Exploring WaveMaker

If only there were an easier way….

In the past, I’ve built nice, reliable and very usable solutions for legal workflows using general purpose platforms (dating back to VBScript running on IIS) to highly constrained platforms like Filemaker.  I’m the first to recognize that my skills as a coder are both limited and aging.  The inherent limitations of constrained systems like Filemaker provide a benefit  There are only so many things the system can do, so the problem becomes creatively using the available functionality to deliver against the use case.

The purpose of this project is not to reinvent the wheel.  It’s to leverage the great work being done in the FOSS community, to create a great legal platform, and to give back to that community.  In the very earliest stages of this project, I looked at some of the OS alternatives to Filemaker and found few that were powerful enough to do all that we wanted.Instead I headed out in to the world of web frameworks and a raw code approach.  It’s been daunting.  We started with the hold system because it was something we could work on from scratch.  We knew that the existing projects for business process and document management were already strong and would largely present porting and interface issues.

All that may have changed with WaveMaker which looks like a great starting point for our hold solution.  While not nearly as sterile as FIlemaker, it is still wildly simple to get started with.  With the right coding skills (Java and JavaScript), the customization options appear nearly endless.  It seems highly interoperable with web services and may ultimately serve as a front ent for the integrated solution we hope to present.

The project itself has survived acquisition and divestiture by VMWare and appears to still be alive and kicking.

In any event, well with checking out and so far very promising.